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Two amazing weeks have passed since the successful launch of Akitsuki!

We reached the hardcap of 90ETH 2 days earlier than expected, during a bear market! This is crazy and first of all we wanted to thank you all for your amazing support! Thank you holy guards!

Our first Guardian Game was a League of Legends tournament, it took place on launch day and already 135 teams — that’s 270 players — applied to participate! We had to select a few because only 64 slots were available!

It’s an amazing turnout considering it was our first main event and players showed up even though most of them knew nothing about crypto!

Since then, some of our players have become interested in crypto and have decided to buy AKI tokens to take full advantage of our ecosystem!

We’ve got a huge dose of first-mover advantage here! Every event will be a lesson and it’s so important for us to adapt and make changes to ensure that our tournaments continue to get bigger and better every time.

We have already organized a second Guardian Game, on Rocket League! And again, we were full! All 32 slots (64 players) were taken even though Rocket League has a much smaller community than League Of Legends! Our streamers on Twitch had a blast streaming it! And we can say that the viewers felt it and also enjoyed watching the tournament!
How can you not love these moments, given the thrills they give us and the level of skill of the players who join us?!

In two weeks, things have already evolved, we have added a new tournament category called the Keeper Games, which is a mini weekly cash game tournament for holders only. (we focus on poker first, but then our holders will be able to vote via our DAO)

We’ve also decided to allow our players to earn NFTs as rewards during special events!

By the way, we’ve discovered that some bogus projects are trying to copy/paste Akitsuki, which is good because it shows we’re a game changer!

Listing Update :

As you already know, after a few weeks (actually 2), we have already been listed on many platforms such as Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, and a few exchanges such as Rubic -which is one of the most important cross-chain trading protocols- and Cex-trade, a small centralized exchange.
Well, that’s just the beginning.

We are in discussion with Coinsbit — TOP 35 exchange — and Azbit — TOP 55 exchange — , AKI is on its way to be listed on many centralized exchanges that will bring more visibility to the clan.

We have already signed the contracts so we are now able to announce it as agreed with them prior to this post.

$AKI should be listed in a few days, which will help the clan grow and give everyone more ways to trade the native AKITSUKI token.

Event Updates — Please Read:

Update 1 — We’re going to start letting you have more influence over the games we play… Just join the clan on Discord, walk through the gate and get into the DAO and Keeper Games category!

We will start putting a shortlist of games in a poll and let our community decide which games we play. We want to make sure we host events about the games you really want to play. Of course, we will have some input by creating the shortlist (to ensure that we constantly mix it up), but ultimately we will follow the decision of the majority.

Our community is bouncing back, we’ve grown at a fantastic rate. We just welcomed around 400 new community members since launch, check out our Guardian Game space on Challengermode! We don’t want to push them away by immediately playing games that aren’t right for them. However, it’s important to remember that we are a community of gamers and will play a variety of games (and of course, give away our crazy prizes).

Update 2 — We’re amending our event structure to sustain a huge, regular gaming event, and add more frequent smaller events in-between.

As I mentioned earlier, we have just welcomed 400 players into the community, and since they are becoming AKI enthusiasts, we have decided to host Guardian Games (GG) more often.

We were going for a monthly major GG tournament, we are thinking of hosting one every 3 weeks.

We’re introducing the following event schedule:

Weeks 1–2 = Keeper Game, a Poker event that takes place on sunday, in-between our major gaming events (Guardian Games).

Week 3 = Guardian Game. A Huge streamed Gaming event organized every 3 weeks.

In-between: every day/night everyone can play on our boosted server and benefit from a high quality stream and audio channels. This is called the Daily Watch! Play any game you like to have a chance to be drawn and to receive rewards every week.

As you already know, Keeper Games are for holders only whereas Guardian Games are for everyone (holders still receive increased cash prizes).
At the moment the Keeper Games are specifically for poker events, these will be primarily promoted within crypto, and Guardian Games Events will be used to push outside of crypto and capture the attention of the gaming industry.
That way we bring everyone together!

Keeper Games Pros:

  • This allows us to add more frequent games in-between events and therefore, offer more opportunities to win a share of the prize pot.
  • Allows us more time to negotiate and line up special guests for the gaming events. This is the lengthiest part of event planning (waiting for responses) and weekly gaming events come around FAST.
  • Keeper games require little set up and management time, so by adding weekly poker events, this allows us more time to plan the gaming events and ensure every event we put on is a success. We have actually began working with a web3 gaming company who will be helping to plan and help market our events (more info on this coming soon).
  • Allows us to entice and welcome new community members, by offering them a smaller-scale event, but then follow up with a full-scale event a few weeks later. Those Keeper games will also give a good reason to Guardian Games competitors to migrate into holders and become that bridge we aim to be.
  • Huge gaming events provide us with the opportunity to increase marketing to gamers through other channels, including TikTok and Instagram.

Update 3 — IRL events

We plan to participate in Paris Game Week in early November (from November 2 to 6), the major event in French e-sport. We are working on a few details right now but we should have an ambassador there wearing our Akitsuki hoodie and promoting the clan in order to bring more players into our community and find new esports partnerships.
Our ambassador would give us some updates, videos/pictures via telegram or twitch so that our holy guards could watch and follow what is happening.

We also plan to participate in the DreamHack -A major global e-sport event- which will take place by the end of November in Sweden, Master of the Guard and Hokage should be there, broadcasting their journey and everything they can to make the clan feel on their side! Again, we should find new e-sport players and companies who will be interested in our project.


Upon making these updates, we’re massively increasing sustainability for our events, to ensure we can continue having fun with you all for the foreseeable future.

We’ve spoken to various community members who’ve been asking how we’re going to manage and maintain our events going forward — these updates should answer that.

We’ll also be posting important updates over the next few days, the Daily Watch and DAO are already open on Discord but we’ll be polishing them up and making it easier for everyone to understand how it works, so stay tuned for these.

If you have any questions on anything above, head over to our telegram group t.me/akitsukiclan or/and our discord server https://discord.gg/TWAQVUPdvu and we’ll be happy to answer.

Thank you holy guards, the best is yet to come!

Master of the Guard





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